Atlas of Garlic Varieties

About Project

The aim of this website is to bring together comprehensive information on worldwide assortment of garlic varieties, and to build up a list of high quality garlic reliable suppliers both for planting and eating.

Share your garlic variety!

Do you grow a regional or heritage garlic variety? Send us photos and information about it. We’ll gladly add it into the Atlas varieties of garlic.

We will be happy if you can provide several cloves, bulbs or bulbils to our Seed and Plant Bank. We will propagate it and then share between other garlic enthusiasts.

Volunteer Translators Wanted!

Help us translate this website into your mother tongue and thus help us to share the knowledge about astounding garlic variability. If you want to work as volunteer translator for us, e-mail us to . It is only 300 words to translate.

Interactive map of local garlic producers

We prepare now an interactive map of local garlic producers worldwide. If you are a garlic grower and you grow garlic in organic agriculture, feel free to contact us. We will put you on our interactive map for free and help you find new customers for your production. Note: only organic farmers are welcomed! However, you do not need to be officialy organic certified farmer (as in many countries organic farmer certification still does not exists).

Goal of this project is:

- to bring together comprehensive information on worldwide assortment of garlic varieties in as many languages as possible

- to preserve traditional local garlic varieties which are endangered by extinction

- to build up a portfolio of high quality organic garlic reliably local suppliers both for planting and eating, and thus support small scale organic farmers and sustainable agriculture worldwide

Who benefits from this project?

1. Garlic consumer - having website in many languages anybody can discover amazing garlic variability. Different size, shape, taste and aroma... People can easily find local garlic supplier who is not offering just few cultivars from large scale production often treated by pesticides, but local varieties grown by on small scale by eco farmers. Garlic consumer thus supports sustainable agriculture and gives opportunity in good income even for poor farmers worldwide.

2. Small scale organic farmers can be easily found by their potential customers who are searching for non-common, traditional local garlic varieties which are not available in the supermarkets.

3. Agriculture biodiversity - if the consumers discover great garlic diversity, different garlic taste and aroma, they will demand those traditional varieties which are neglected by large scale farmers, because of smaller yields. Thus the garlic consumers support small scale farmers who are willing to preserve those traditional varieties. This will help to preserve garlic varieties for future generations.

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